18 Jan '12, 4pm

Prehistoric Peruvians enjoyed popcorn

Evidence mounts that Maya did themselves in through deforestation (12/08/2011) Researchers have garnered further evidence for a smoking gun behind the fall of the great Maya civilization: deforestation. At the American Geophysical Union (AGU) conference, climatologist Ben Cook presented recent research showing how the destruction of rainforests by the Mayan ultimately led to declines in precipitation and possibly civilization-rocking droughts. While the idea that the Maya may have committed ecological-suicide through deforestation has been widely discussed, including in Jared Diamond's popular book Collapse, Cook's findings add greater weight to the theory. Destructive farming practices of early civilization may have altered climate long before industrial era (08/31/2009) William Ruddiman has become well known for his theory that human-induced climate change started long b...

Full article: http://news.mongabay.com/2012/0118-hance_peru_popcorn.html


Movie night? Some eco popcorn tips for you

Movie night? Some eco popcorn tips for you

mnn.com 22 Jan '12, 4am

The quickest, simplest way to avoid diacetyl vapor exposure is to start buying organic popcorn. It's a little more expensi...