17 Jan '12, 6pm

Toronto Mayor Losing Weight for Charity... Just Not Gay, Bicycle, AIDS or ...: by Annie Urban Toronto Mayor Rob

"The Mayor of Toronto" - no matter who it is - is a byword for "stupidity" out West. What the hell does this idiot have against libraries? Is he afraid people will actually read books? Is he scared that kids will have somewhere to go and something to do that doesn't involve TVs, computers, shopping, or gangs? Is he scared that immigrants, refugees, and other people with reading problems will access literacy programs? Is he scared that poor people will be able to read a free newspaper and find out how stupid he is? My own mayor is no genius, but at least he understands that we need a library - in fact, we may be getting another new branch added!

Full article: http://www.care2.com/causes/toronto-mayor-losing-weight-f...


I want to ride my bicycle

otterman.wordpress.com 20 Jan '12, 12am

@acroamatic I saw the word somewhere yesterday and realised it was the missing word. But the MSc students didn't recognize...