06 Jan '12, 7pm

Another excellent ODAC newsletter:

We recently remarked that a flurry of expert and news reports on the impending arrival of U.S. energy independence bore a striking resemblance to a lobbying campaign -- at a time of unusual economic distress, you dress up your long-time drilling wish list as a jobs initiative, and a way to achieve the decades-old romantic goal of independence from Middle East oil, and you have a salable pitch. Now, the other shoe has dropped -- the narrative has morphed into a full-throated presidential election-year campaign by Washington's leading business and oil lobbying groups. The chief message: Do what we say, Barack Obama, or else, reports the Financial Times' Ed Crooks. Jack Gerard, chief Washington lobbyist for the oil industry as CEO of the American Petroleum Institute, unveiled the campaign yesterday. The spearhead is a push for Obama to approve the Keystone Pipeline, a propose...

Full article: http://www.odac-info.org/newsletter/2012/01/06


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