28 Nov '11, 8pm

#ASHRAE Technology Awards Highlight Outstanding Building Projects:

"Every year, the judging panel looks forward to the reviewing the outstanding projects submitting by our membership," Nathan Hart, chair of the judging panel said. "Being a consulting engineer myself, I appreciate the effort involved in submitting an entry to Society-level competition. I enjoy seeing what fellow ASHRAE members are doing to strive for more energy efficient, well ventilated maintenance friendly building designs. Many of the entries this year incorporated innovations and technologies that took advantage of their specific geographical locations to provide more energy efficient systems—helping to highlight that one size does not fit all and that a more energy efficient design solution may be available when considering the project as a whole."

Full article: http://www.ashrae.org/pressroom/detail/ashrae-technology-...


Building The Implicit Social Graph

Building The Implicit Social Graph

seomoz.org 29 Nov '11, 6am

Google Plus is Google's latest attempt at building an explicit social graph that they control, but Google has been buildin...