29 Nov '13, 9pm

Solar Impulse Holds 8 FAI Records, Category-Solar Aviation

Solar Impulse Holds 8 FAI Records, Category-Solar Aviation

is an artist, painter, writer, interior designer, graphic designer, constant student of many studies and founder of 1Sun4All.com . Living with respect for the environment close at hand, the food chain, natural remedies for healing, the earth, people and animals is a life-long expression and commitment. As half of a home-building team, she helped design and build harmonious, sustainable and net-zero homes that incorporate clean air systems, passive and active solar energy as well as rainwater collection systems. Archangel is fond of private aviation, would love to fly in the solar airplane and install a wind turbine in her yard. She is a peaceful, courageous soul who believes that clean energy is helping our economy and helping our world; she enjoys contributing to this effort.

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