19 Nov '11, 7pm

Datacenters: Friend or Foe?

reports that datacenters consumed about 1.3 percent of worldwide electricity use in 2010. By region, the consumption rate grows to 2 percent for the U.S. alone. That’s an increase of nearly 3 times since 2000. According to McKinsey , worldwide datacenters produce 80 metric megatons of carbon emissions. By industry, carbon emissions from datacenters are approaching outputs of the airline industry. If datacenters were a country, they would produce the equivalent of 60 percent of the emissions generated by Argentina. If that’s not bad enough, the same McKinsey study projects that datacenter carbon emissions will increase to 340 metric megatons by 2020. And the financial price tag is big too. Gartner reports that energy consumption of a 25,000 sq. ft. datacenter can run $4.1 million a year. This is significant – enough to consider datacenters a Foe.

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