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Playing catch up: Big and tall

Playing catch up: Big and tall

the rise of the "big-box" home, a dressed-down cousin of the McMansion. Writes Teresa Burney: "Even as average new-home sizes have fallen slightly across the country, builders in some markets are finding a profitable and underserved niche of buyers who need or want a house as big as a mansion with the price tag of a cottage. While some buyers are in true need of the space, others, awed by the per-square-foot value of so much elbow room that cheap land and efficient box-like floor plans make possible, can’t resist the buy."

Full article: http://www.mnn.com/your-home/at-home/blogs/playing-catch-...


We're playing a game at home today

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@Danbo_loves Confirm u wan 1.2 not?so big k.......

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*The estimated delivery time is based on the seller's handling time, the postage service selected, and the payment method ...

Big Sky photos by @ericcahan amazing!

Big Sky photos by @ericcahan amazing!

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And the sea will come to kiss me

Walking tall

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This site began its life in 2001 on Blogger, moved to greymatter, then it became completely hand-coded until some time in ...

Are Subsidies Hurting Big Solar?

Are Subsidies Hurting Big Solar?

solarfeeds.com 19 Nov '11, 9pm

Americans seem unable to resist big things, and solar power plants are no exception. There may be no reasoning with an aff...

Organic, Urban, Backyard Farmers Can Turn 'Big ...

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Solar PV leads small town into solar big leagues

wind-works.org 19 Nov '11, 10pm

Solar PV Leads Small Town into Solar Big Leagues Gainesville Expects 7 MW Solar PV by Year End Florida Town Rivals Califor...

Big Commerce SEO

Big Commerce SEO

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Just today I got "Aaron, Love your work and insights! BigCommerce touts your expertise in creating their SEO features, so ...