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What Does It Take to Be a Yoga Teacher? Advice from renowned instructor Seane Corn (@jerseycorn1) #yoga

What Does It Take to Be a Yoga Teacher? Advice from renowned instructor Seane Corn (@jerseycorn1) #yoga

Thinking about becoming a yoga teacher? Don’t worry if you’re not the bendiest person in class, advises Seane Corn , internationally celebrated yoga instructor . “It’s not about how flexible you are — can you engage your students?” Seane asks. And don’t let self-doubt stand in your way. Seane was originally very resistant to going into teaching. “I did it only to think I’d be a better student. As a yoga student, I was completely comfortable and confident. But when my teachers started saying I’d be a great teacher, I felt like a fraud. “I had to let go of the fear of public speaking,” Seane adds. “Because my [New Jersey] accent is different from the way they talk in California, I had a lot of fear I’d be exposed as inarticulate or unlearned.” In addition, the first time Seane taught was, in her words, a humiliating experience — very significant, considering it marked a turn...

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What Is Truth?

What Is Truth?

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memang ramai manusia bertopeng hantu yang me kenali spjg berblogging ni. lumrah alam, x semua suka kita dan penulisan kita...