14 Nov '11, 11am

Software Briefing: Atos Pairs with SAP, Greenstone Updates Acco2unt, 1E’s NightWatchman

has a new release – version 2.7 – of its Acco2unt carbon management software . The new version can track and analyze an organization’s business travel data. The release also has new enterprise-wide target tracking and reporting capability for, for example, journey type, most popular routes, distance travelled, client vs. non-client travel and travel comparisons by job role and business unit.

Full article: http://www.environmentalleader.com/2011/11/14/software-br...


Inside updates anti-counterfeit NFC chip

eetimes.com 14 Nov '11, 6pm

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Why software fails. (Or, the ROI of good UX.)

spectrum.ieee.org 20 Nov '11, 4am

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