30 Oct '13, 1am

Belo Monte dam suspended

Has Brazil turned against its progressive environmental policies? (09/30/2013) Last year, Brazil rolled back crucial parts of its landmark Forestry Code, potentially opening vast tracts of forest for destruction; it is also moving ahead on a number of Amazon dams, including the infamous Belo Monte, despite international condemnation and conflict with indigenous people. Meanwhile, a new law under consideration proposes allowing large-scale mining in protected areas. Given this a new paper in mongabay.com's open access journal Tropical Conservation Science argues that Brazil has thrown off its once admired mantle of environmental legislation, imperiling hundreds of thousands of species in the most biodiverse country on Earth. Judge halts construction of Amazon dam on Brazil's Teles Pires river (09/19/2013) A federal judge in Brazil has ordered the suspension of construction ...

Full article: http://news.mongabay.com/2013/1029-belo-monte-suspended.html


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