05 Nov '11, 7pm

Lose that ugly kitchen bulletin board - you can make notes on this reclaimed slate and Douglas Fir clock #green

If only we could turn back the hands of time..well, tonight’s the night (Daylight Savings Time ends 2 a.m. Sunday) . This little kitchen clock works overtime – it keeps track of minutes and lets you write notes or play teacher with your tots. Leave a reminder for a loved one or teach the little guys how to tell time by chalking it up. They’ll also learn the value of using reclaimed materials — it’s hand-crafted in Wisconsin from reclaimed school blackboard + reclaimed Douglas Fir provides the little ledge. (approx 12″ L x 13″ high; 5 lbs.) $95 @ uncommongoods.com

Full article: http://www.alternativeconsumer.com/2011/11/05/reclaimed-s...


Alarm Clock via @Bolehland_net

Alarm Clock via @Bolehland_net

bolehland.net 11 Nov '11, 4pm

my body clock has been 'awesome' since I was kid. Practically impossible to go beyond 9AM unless I was super tired T_T btw...