28 Sep '13, 12am

Are Horses Inherently Vicious? No, But Connecticut Seems to Think So

The trouble all started in 2006 when a toddler was bitten by a horse at Glendale Farm in Milford, Conn. The child’s father Anthony Vendrella Sr., ignored clearly visible signs asking people not to feed or pet the horses and held the child up to feed a horse, who reached through the fence and took out what court documents reported was “a large chunk” of the boy’s cheek. As a result, the Connecticut Supreme Court is now forced to determine whether horses are “inherently vicious.” Before the case got to the Connecticut Supreme Court, the farm’s owner, Timothy Astriab, had won at a lower court in 2010 when a judge ruled that the child’s father failed to prove that the owner knew of any previous incidents where the horse acted aggressively and that there had not been any bites or injuries in 28 years at the farm. However, Astriab admitted that the horse in question, like any ot...

Full article: http://www.care2.com/causes/are-horses-inherently-vicious...


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