25 Sep '11, 6pm

Steve Horn | NAT GAS Act That Would Overhaul U.S. Fueling Infrastructure Moves Forward #movingplanet #energy #AltTrans

As DeSmogBlog and many others have discovered, unconventional gas from U.S. shale deposits is not the "clean" energy panacea it is often touted as. Unconventional gas is a dirty fossil fuel from cradle, when sand mining for hydraulic fracturing occurs, to adolescence, when the actual hydraulic fracturing drilling process occurs, to adulthood, when it is held in compressor stations and contaminates air , to grave, when it is utilized in power plants and vehicles . None of these concerns were addressed in the hearing, which honed in on a much narrow debate — the merits of giving tax subsidies to energy corporations, particularly as provided in the NAT GAS Act — leaving the environmental and ecological debate completely off the table. All five of the men invited to testify at the hearing had corporate backgrounds, and not a single testifier had a scientific background.

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