23 Sep '11, 8pm

「週60~80時間働いて何ら成し遂げられない」日々に決別して崩壊に備えろ、「怠惰になれば必要に気づく」、というオルロフ #peakoil Collapse of the titans

Learn from the Soviets — personal relationships are the best currency, says Russian-born Dmitry Orlov, the author of Reinventing Collapse: The Soviet Example and American Prospects . The American empire is following the USSR into collapse, he asserts, with financial collapse happening first, followed by commercial and then political collapse. Dmitry, an America resident for several decades, suggests lowering our needs and expectations and replacing money transactions with barter and exchanges. [

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Pakatan ‘won’t collapse’ over hudud fallout

Pakatan ‘won’t collapse’ over hudud fallout

blog.drdzul.com 26 Sep '11, 8am

Pending the outcome of a meeting of Pakatan Rakyat top leaders on Wednesday, the secretaries-general of the three componen...