29 Jun '13, 5pm

Frances Moore Lappe, Vandana Shiva Blast Award for GMO Scientists

For related articles and more information, please visit OCA's Genetic Engineering page and our Millions Against Monsanto page . Frances Moore Lappé and Vandana Shiva, noted figures in the food sovereignty movement, added their voices to the chorus blasting the 2013 World Food Prize going to GMO scientists with the biotechnology giants Monsanto and Syngenta. The GMO scientists' work contributes to hunger and ecological devastation while not advancing nutrition, said the two Right Livelihood Laureates, also Councillors on the World Future Council, and noted the irony of Monsanto being awarded at a time of rising worldwide opposition to the seed giant. Lappé and Shiva's remarks echo those of the U.S. Food Sovereignty Alliance, which stated that the prize going to the biotech giants “sends precisely the wrong message about sustainable solutions to hunger and poverty.” "Never m...

Full article: http://www.organicconsumers.org/articles/article_27810.cfm


Study Finds Monsanto's GMO Food Claims False

Study Finds Monsanto's GMO Food Claims False

organicconsumers.org 02 Jul '13, 9pm

Oops. The World Food Prize committee's got a bit of egg on its face-genetically engineered egg. They just awarded the Worl...