Patrick Blanc

Welcome to Patrick Blanc's website. Patrick Blanc is a botanist and the creator of the Vertical Garden (Mur Végétal) . Lecture at the Academy of Sciences , San Francisco, 11 February; in Bahrain, 5 March ; in Hambourg, 11 March ; in Hainan , 21 March recent Vertical Gardens installation in Singapour, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Meudon, Tbilisi, Tokyo . Watch in Inspiration section some new videos about recent fiel trips of Patrick Blanc in South Africa , Borneo, Costa Rica, Philippines . Installation scheduled soon in Beirut, Warsaw, Ibiza, Tokyo, Charlotte NC, Bahrain . Begonia blancii publication, new species discovered by P. Blanc in Philippines More pictures of Begonia blancii are available in the "inspiration" section (buble "Begonia blancii"). There is also a video in the "inspiration" section. The full articl...

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New #Garden Rant: Priceless

New #Garden Rant: Priceless 05 Sep '11, 12pm

These, in addition to a tree hibiscus, gardenia, jasmine, musa, and a whole bunch of other big and exotic (for Buffalo) sp...