03 Sep '11, 8pm

Who investigates those accountable for US DefenseFailure on 911 & also profiting from disaster? #GWOT #OpESR #Banksters

The importance of PROMIS is that it is not only capable of interfacing with a wide variety of data bases in different computer languages and then integrating the data, but it has also been modified for intelligence purposes. It has then been sold throughout the world by spy agencies through third parties to clients such as banks and investment houses envious of its unique capabilities. One key modification by agencies such as the CIA and Mossad - not disclosed to most users -- is a secret "back door" that permits those with the right codes to enter databases undetected, retrieve and/or alter information, and leave without a trace. PROMIS has been extensively reported as being used throughout the world's financial markets because of its versatility in facilitating international transactions.

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