28 Aug '11, 8pm

Republican Terrorist Arrested in Oregon

Sunday August 28, 2011, 12:26 am Yesterday I saw on television that family foundations of the super rich are financing the Republican meme of hatred toward Muslims to the tune of $42 million. Sadly their violent rhetoric has not fallen on deaf ears, as we have seen example after example of Republican Supply-side pseudo-Christians, showing their “love” through violence. Ever here in progressive Oregon, we are not immune. send green star | flag as inappropriate Why is this inappropriate? Send Report Cancel Your report has been submitted to Customer Service. Thank you. There was a problem submitting your report. Please try again later.

Full article: http://www.care2.com/news/member/527046926/2922448


Teen loanshark runner arrested

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Struggling #youth pinned down and #arrested at #Somerset 313

Struggling #youth pinned down and #arrested at ...

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says he witnessed the arrest of this youth at Somerset 313. A large crowd of men had subdued the struggling youth, pinning...

James Hansen arrested at tar-sands protest:

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Whole Bowl, Portland, Oregon

Whole Bowl, Portland, Oregon

eatbma.blogspot.com 10 Sep '11, 12am

We finally made it to some of Portland's famous food carts for lunch today, in particular the cluster at SW 9th and Alder....