18 Aug '11, 8pm

The coolest treehouse we've EVER seen:

The coolest treehouse we've EVER seen:

The fine folks at The Lettered Cottage are no strangers to Apartment Therapy and all of our readers. They've given us a tour of their lovely home , recently did this super awesome paint by number wall mural , and have shared some DIY inspiration along the way. They were lucky enough to be blessed with a super cool old tree that was the perfect starting place for this amazing treehouse structure. Not only is it sky high and boasts a peaked roof with a library, glass windows and seating inside, it has a dining area underneath on the first floor tier. They've taken amazing photos of the before, during, and after construction process, and if there's one thing you do on the internet today, it should be to see it for yourself. It's highly inspiring and one of the coolest things we've seen on the ol' interwebs in quite sometime! • Read More: Camp Treehouse at The Lettered Cottage

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