17 Aug '11, 6pm

Conservation groups kicked out of CITES debate on elephants

A message to poachers: Kenya burns elephant ivory stockpile (07/21/2011) Yesterday the president of Kenya, Mwai Kibaki, sent a fiery signal to illegal wildlife traffickers worldwide. Kibaki lit up five tons of elephant ivory, worth $16 million on the black market, to show the continent's resolve to undercut illegal poaching. This was the second time Kenya has set fire to millions of dollars worth of ivory. Elephants: the gardeners of Asia's and Africa's forests (04/25/2011) It seems difficult to imagine elephants delicately tending a garden, but these pachyderms may well be the world's weightiest horticulturalist. Elephants both in Asia and Africa eat abundant amounts of fruit when available; seeds pass through their guts, and after expelled—sometimes tens of miles down the trail—sprouts a new plant if conditions are right. This process is known by ecologists as 'seed disp...

Full article: http://news.mongabay.com/2011/0817-hance_elephants_cites....


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Groups Ask Cuomo to Extend Fracking Review

green.blogs.nytimes.com 16 Aug '11, 2pm

Environmental groups and some legislators are asking Gov. Andrew Cuomo for a longer public review of a New York State plan...