07 Aug '11, 12am

End Dog Racing on Macau: Nearly 400 Dogs Killed Every Year ! PLEASE SIGN

Saturday August 6, 2011, 11:11 am Thank you, Greyhounds are a passion of mine. I'll sign every greyhound pettion I can find. I adopted one of these beautiful dogs, she was the most loving gentle soul you'd ever want to meet. No need for this. send green star | flag as inappropriate Why is this inappropriate? Send Report Cancel Your report has been submitted to Customer Service. Thank you. There was a problem submitting your report. Please try again later.

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Doorbell Dogs | Care2 Causes

Doorbell Dogs | Care2 Causes

care2.com 10 Aug '11, 8am

In the villages of Bulgaria’s breathtaking Rhodopi mountain range you’ll find many beautiful doorbells and all of them rin...

7 killed in Malaysian landslide - Asia News Network

7 killed in Malaysian landslide - Asia News Net...

straitstimes.com 08 Aug '11, 3am

Rescuers search for missing victims at a landslide in Cameron Highlands, 200 km (124 miles) north of Kuala Lumpur August 7...

Celebrate Service Dogs (with inspiring video)

Celebrate Service Dogs (with inspiring video)

care2.com 09 Aug '11, 9pm

By Lisa Spector, Canine Music Expert, Juilliard Graduate, and co-creator of Through a Dog’s Ear . International Assistance...