28 Jul '11, 2pm

NYC cyclist gets doored by clueless cops:

Judging from Mann's account, it's even worse than getting hit by your run-of-the-mill inconsiderate driver. He told Gothamist that the cops asked him maybe 10 times if he were on drugs, if he was drunk, how long he'd been riding a bike, and why he was riding a bike in the street. (Uh, as opposed to on the sidewalk, illegally?) They also wouldn't give him their names or a copy of the accident report. Relations between cops and cyclists in NYC have been tense ever since the Bloomberg administration decided to deal with bike lane backlash by cracking down on cycling "violations." But the NYPD has demonstrated time and again that they have no idea what's legal and what's not when it comes to cycling.

Full article: http://www.grist.org/list/2011-07-28-nyc-cyclist-gets-doo...


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