23 Jul '11, 5pm

Abandoned pup refused to leave brothers side:

Saturday July 23, 2011, 10:19 am Bay City, TX - The doe-eyed pup with the floppy ears was standing by the side of the road yesterday when Janet Pickard drove by. She cast a sorry glance at him, intending to continue driving, until she noticed a still form lying near the puppy. She backed up and discovered that it was this pup's deceased sibling - likely hit by a vehicle. When she stopped, the puppy ran to her, and then back to his brother's body - asking in his own puppy-like way, for help. Pickard faced a dilemma. Should she pick up the abandoned pup and take him home to plead for a rescue group to take him in? Risking yet another abandoned dog winding up long-term at her already over-crowded canine house? Should she take him to the local shelter where she volunteers? Pickard was torn - the number of dogs currently at her house was more than she ever planned. A sad side-e...

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