22 Jul '11, 1pm

If each US household replaced a 32oz shower cleaner w/chlorine bleach w/ours, we'd prevent 1.1M lbs of chlorine.

This product, for me, has been nothing short of amazing. I have a shower with a full glass door, as well as half of another wall that is glass. For years, before using this product, I had constantly fought mildew and soap scum. I hated always having to think about cleaning the shower. It was such an effort to do so. I had attempted to use other standard daily shower cleaners, but hated using them after taking a shower because the chemically laden cleaner would often drip on my hands and then I had to wash them before thinking about putting makeup on or whatever. I started using the Seventh Generation Shower Cleaner and wasn't worried about any of it dripping on to my hands. It was safe. But even a bigger deal than that was how INCREDIBLY this stuff worked. I use it daily on the glass of my shower and my whole shower has remained mildew free for over a year. AMAZING! I tell...

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