20 Jul '11, 1pm

5 Dumpster Diving Re-dos

5 Dumpster Diving Re-dos

Craftster.org recently hosted a dumpster dive contest, where participants were challenged to take something that would have been or had been discarded and make it into something beautiful and useful. Here are some inspiring before and after stories. 1. 1. Nautical Bed Frame Instead of purchasing a new bed, this entrant gave an old bed frame a new lease on life with little imagination and a coat of paint. 2. 2. Outdoor Sink Mosaic work updated this discarded bathroom sink cabinet and made the perfect stand for an outdoor sink. 3. 3. Kitchen Stool A plain kitchen stool became a work of art using Van Gogh's Starry Night as inspiration. 4. 4. Denim Slipcover This recliner, once destined for the trash heap, now looks great with a patchwork denim slipcover made from old jeans. 5. 5. Art Chair Even old rusty lawn chairs got a second chance. After a coat of white spray paint, more...

Full article: http://planetgreen.discovery.com/home-garden/dumpster-div...


Food for the Whole Family -- Straight from @TraderJoes Dumpster (@OnEarthMag)

Food for the Whole Family -- Straight from @Tra...

onearth.org 21 Jul '11, 2am

Four or five years ago, we had houseguests, and one Sunday morning they brought home bags and bags of food from a nearby D...

Reason #5 Why We Love Bags #shopping @purseblog

purseblog.com 21 Jul '11, 5pm

: On disgustingly hot and humid days, we don’t have to stress over our bags making us sweat like our clothes do.

Crane climber jailed 5 weeks for criminal trespass

Crane climber jailed 5 weeks for criminal trespass

straitstimes.com 21 Jul '11, 9am

Foreign worker, Yang Wei (right), 27, had climbed to the top of a 30m tall crane on the morning of July 4, 2011 and threat...