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Ellen Rescues Kitten

Ellen Rescues Kitten

Ellen DeGeneres was in an LA furniture store recently and saw a kitten in poor condition there. The other two kittens in the litter had already died. The store owner let her take it so she took it and paid for its care at an animal hospital. After the kitten was well enough, she took it home and helped it recover further. When it was healthy she asked the animal sanctuary The Gentle Barn to see if they could find someone to adopt it. Degeneres has previously supported The Gentle Barn, which apparently is one of her favorite charities. In March of this year, Justin Bieber appeared on Ellen’s show gifting her with a lock of his hair, which eventually sold on Ebay for $40,000. The money was donated to the Gentle Barn. Last May, DeGeneres presented The Gentle Barn with a $50,000 donation from the digital media company Tonic. ” ‘It’s pretty remarkable. Ellen is just so amazing ...

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