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Craft, at its best, is a radical force. In the face of a world now largely in the tow of speed, you could consider craft an extreme. It has the power to moderate; it's an ...

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  • The Cultural Value of Second-Hand Clothes | Centre for Sustainable Fashion

    The Cultural Value of Second-Hand Clothes

    sustainable-fashion.com 25 Nov '17, 10am

    Second-hand clothing is somewhat contentious. Buying used clothing, quite obviously, is one of the easiest ways to improve your fashion sustainability, however, clothing brands will never encourage it, as their business model revolves around consumers buying more and more, at an ever ...

  • CSF in Conversation: Prof Lucy Orta in conversation with Prof Helen Storey

    sustainable-fashion.com 16 Oct '17, 2pm

    Drawing on the current debate following the UK’s vote to leave the EU, postgraduate students (both taught and research) at UAL are invited to join the Passagens series of Reading Groups , which offers a broad historical context and the insight by artists and curators whose work evolve...

  • CSF's Director @dilyswilliams reflects on the @Kering talk and the fab work of all the finalists:

    In the Shadows and In the Light

    sustainable-fashion.com 17 Oct '17, 9am

    The Kering Award winners 2017 (L-R: Jenni Kusowski, Laure Fernandez, Charlie Wilkinson & Dianjin Lin) At times, it feels as though, the more that you learn – the less you think that you know. As our work in fashion, design and sustainability develops – so we realise the great range of...

  • And the winner for Collaboration @StellaMcCartney is Jenni Kusowski, read about her work here:

    Jenni Kusowski: Kering Award Finalist

    sustainable-fashion.com 11 Oct '17, 6pm

    Over the last year we have been working with the finalists of the 2016 Kering Awards for Sustainable Fashion. In the run-up to the winners being announced later this month, we are profiling the work of the finalists. This year the Kering brands involved were Gucci and Stella McCartney...

  • Blog

    sustainable-fashion.com 09 Oct '17, 9am

    Blog Every week a member of the CSF team or network contributes an article to this website, offering inspiring insights and ideas on the role fashion plays in a global sustainability agenda. Jovy Hon: Kering Award Finalist Jovy Hon has developed a campaign for Gucci that explores how ...

  • Tonight: Book launch and exploration of laundry...

    The Laundry Pile

    sustainable-fashion.com 20 Sep '17, 10am

    Today, we hear from Emma Rigby, about her work and event she has organised to shine a light on the social practices involved in domestic laundry. The event is called The Laundry Pile and is the launch of CSF’s Prof. Kate Fletcher’s new book Opening up the Wardrobe. Emma completed her ...

  • CSF | Dian-Jen Lin: @KeringGroup Award Finalist

    Dian-Jen Lin: Kering Award Finalist

    sustainable-fashion.com 09 Oct '17, 2am

    For her project Dian-Jen explores carbon reduction and her project poses the question: what if a t-shirt could make more oxygen than a tree? Tell us briefly about your project. DL: By identifying the gap within the mitigation hierarchy from Stella McCartney and the carbon reduction ch...

    1. Blog sustainable-fashion.com 09 Oct '17, 9am
  • On #WorldRefugeeDay we stand with all refugees:

    We stand with refugees

    sustainable-fashion.com 20 Jun '17, 3pm

    Refugee: a person who flees for refuge or safety Refuge: a place or situation providing safety or shelter. To take refuge: to seek safety or comfort in being safe Home: a place one lives, a place one can take refuge Today is World Refugee Day. And a chance for CSF to show that it stan...


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