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Craft, at its best, is a radical force. In the face of a world now largely in the tow of speed, you could consider craft an extreme. It has the power to moderate; it's an ...

Link: sustainable-fashion.com

  • read about #KeringAward finalist Elise's proposal to use tobacco as a #sustainable dye:


    sustainable-fashion.com 27 Jul '16, 11am

    ‘I love watching everyone’s presentations rehearsals and hearing about their projects,’ one Kering Award finalist stated last week. ‘It’s like doing a Master’s degree in sustainability!’ I have to agree. I’ve worked at the Centre for Sustainable Fashion for three months, the final thr...

  • Dress For Our Time – Chapter 1 |

    sustainable-fashion.com 27 Nov '15, 9am

    Dress For Our Time by David Betteridge www.davidbetteridge.com With COP21 fast approaching (30 November – 11 December), CSF members are busy organising events and activities to mark the occasion. I have had the pleasure of supporting one of these projects, Dress For Our Time , a proje...

  • Clothes Well Lived

    sustainable-fashion.com 12 Aug '15, 8pm

    Our relationship with our clothes has changed dramatically over the past couple of decades; somehow we have fallen into a monotonous cycle of shopping, stockpiling and then periodically binning our clothes rather than cherishing, valuing and loving them. Aside from the sad thought tha...

  • Have you heard about @ProfHelenStorey's new campaign #LookMumNoFuture? Get invoved deets here:


    sustainable-fashion.com 18 Jun '15, 12pm

    This week CSF’s Professor Helen Storey launched a social media campaign attached to her new project Dress for our Time , to try and find new ways for us all to engage with Climate Change and all the issues connected to it, helping us wake up, dig deep and inspire each other to surface...

  • going to watch #Clothestodiefor on @BBCTwo? Join @sustfash for a #tweetchat 12.30pm tomorrow. Info:

    Clothes To Die

    sustainable-fashion.com 21 Jul '14, 1pm

    BBC/Quicksilver Media/Taslima Akhter ‘Clothes To Die For’ is a documentary on BBC2 about the people affected by Rana Plaza, we spoke to Zara Hayes the film’s director, about why she decided to make the film, the importance of education and what she thinks about the label ‘Made in Bang...

  • Nike

    sustainable-fashion.com 03 Nov '14, 9pm

    The choices we make as designers have wider consequences. In particular our material decisions dictate many of the aesthetic, performance, cost and sustainability attributes of a product. Knowing this, Nike came to us with a question – how do we de-couple successful design from the de...

  • Panel discussion and debate

    sustainable-fashion.com 29 Sep '14, 9am

    As we welcome new students, setting out on journeys marked by a new academic year at University of the Arts, we have invited individuals who engage others as well as themselves in creativity, to share their motivations for creative action. At Centre for Sustainable Fashion, Engaging C...

  • ONE week to go til the @CraftOfUse here at @LCFLondon #craftofuse #gettingexcited

    Craft of Use – one week to go |

    sustainable-fashion.com 19 Mar '14, 2pm

    We are getting very excited in the office now, this time next week we will be fully immersed in the Craft of Use event that is taking place here at London College of Fashion. Preparations are being finalised as I type. The event will be an opportunity to gather partners, academics, in...


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