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  • Wow...incredible photos of caves around the world by @robbieshone

    Incredible Cave Photography by Robbie Shone

    shft.com 28 Apr '14, 2pm

    is attracted to places many of us would prefer to avoid. The Innsbruck-based British adventure photographer explores deep, dark underground caverns around the world, using creative lighting to capture the spaces as they have never been seen before. His caving adventures have led him t...

  • Bob Burnquist: Skate Afloat

    shft.com 27 Mar '14, 9pm

    Bob Burnquist, the pioneering Brazilian skater (and, incidentally, committed environmentalist ), has boldly taken the sport to another new frontier. His latest invention is a floating miniramp in the middle of Lake Tahoe, a project inititated by Visit California as part of its "Dream ...

    1. Bob Burnquist: Skate Afloat shft.com 22 Mar '14, 9pm
  • Picking the Right Partner for Social Good

    Read | Picking The Right Partner For Social Good

    shft.com 15 Mar '16, 9pm

    I can’t shake the image – in returning to Austin during the South by Southwest Festival – that I have come full-circle. Like the commonly used recycling icon. When I was initially approached a year ago to partner with Dell as the tech industry’s first Social Good Advocate , I felt a m...

  • Pharrell Williams "Happy"

    shft.com 14 Jan '14, 5am

    and general animosity in the world, we could all use a sip from a happy cup. Pharrell has the answer in the form of this shortened version of his epic, interactive 24-hour music video . The edited-down video for "Happy" is just that, a four-minute slice of serotonin, featuring smiling...

  • We're loving Olivo Barbieri's aerial photography of cities around the world #travelpics

    Site Specific: Aerial Photographs by Olivo Barbieri

    shft.com 04 Jul '14, 8pm

    Site Specific is a summary of Olivo Barbieri’s ten-year project to record the world’s cities in aerial photographs. The book offers a thrilling survey of thirty-six cities throughout the world. At the same time, it presents a narrative of Barbieri’s evolving approach to photography an...

  • The Big SHFT: Michael Crooke, Sustainable Business Maverick

    shft.com 10 Oct '15, 6pm

    Michael W. Crooke's résumé reads like a young achiever's dream bio. The former Navy SEAL (underwater demolition team) holds a Ph.D. in management and has held senior executive roles at a number of companies in the outdoors industry, including Yakima, Kelty Packs, Pearl/Izumi and Patag...

  • Into the Atmosphere

    shft.com 07 Jan '14, 10pm

    It's been a while since we featured a time-lapse video, and what better way to mark the return than with a stunning depiction of SHFT's home state. Into the Atmosphere , from San Diego photographer Michael Shainblum , shines a heavenly light on epic natural spots around California, fr...

  • A beautiful reminder of serious plastic pollution #PlasticPacific

    Kim Preston: Plastic Pacific

    shft.com 12 Jan '14, 7pm

    in the North Pacific is one of the world's most depressing environmental issues. It's terrifying, really. Just thinking about it is enough to send me into the fetal position. Melbourne-based photographer Kim Preston faces up to the problem of plastic pollution with "Plastic Pacific," ...