• Looking at Organic cotton versus conventional cotton via @Kuyichi


    kuyichi.com 12 Aug '13, 8am

    What do you know about organic cotton? For those how don’t know what the difference is, or maybe forgot about it, a sort sum-up: Organic cotton is 100% pesticide free. Pesticides used for conventional cotton pollute soil and water, killing wildlife and harming communities. Making orga...

  • Check our blog post on this weeks Amsterdam Wool Week! via @Kuyichi


    kuyichi.com 28 Oct '13, 9am

    This week it’s Wool Week in Amsterdam. It is the second Dutch edition and an initiative of the International Wool Campaign organization. During this week several activities are going to take place, as an ode to this beautiful fiber. In Cromhuizen 35 designers and stylists show their p...

  • Looking at Fashion Victims via @Kuyichi


    kuyichi.com 30 Jul '13, 2pm

    In responds to the terrible factory collapse in Bangladesh ‘’Fashion Victims” wanted to bring this subject into the light of day of the real “fashion victims’’. More than 1100 workers were killed in textile factory that collapsed the 24th of April. Unfortunately still a lot of our day...

  • Kuyichi might be an example for GStarRAW rawfortheoceans via @thePitcher #SustainableFashion


    kuyichi.com 09 Feb '14, 7pm

    Through the use of organic cotton, Kuyichi is promoting responsible and ethical trading. In close cooperation with MADE-BY , Kuyichi is constantly working to clean up its production process and increase its use of sustainable materials. Above that, Kuyichi commits itself to work towar...

  • A warm welcome for Kuyichi at Solo, Stockholm!

    KUYICHI » Blog Archive » A warm welcome for Kuyichi at Solo Sweden!

    kuyichi.com 19 Sep '11, 11am

    A warm welcome for Kuyichi at Solo Sweden! 19th September 2011 // 9:47 am // Style Last week Solo and Kuyichi celebrated their collaboration in one of the amazing Solo denim shops in Stockholm. The shop was packed with beautiful sustainable denim and good looking people! To visit one ...

  • Freedom looks good! This tee is made of 100% organic cotton and available in stores now!

    Freedom looks good!

    kuyichi.com 11 Feb '13, 9am

    It's not necessary to wait for the summer to wear this pretty Love the World tee. In the meantime you can combine it with a denim shirt underneath. If yellow is not your favorite color, the "Freedom" T-shirt is also available in the colors grey and peach.

  • beautiful anna

    kuyichi.com 15 Apr '13, 1pm

    Last week not only KUYICHI visited the Ubuntu Academy, also beautiful and talented actress, writer and Ubuntu ambassador Anna Drijver gave a professional theater workshop at the first Ubuntu Academy in Cape Town. Kuyichi had the pleasure to meet with her and see the end result of what...

    1. @V_E_J_A These are beautiful veja.fr 14 Apr '13, 12pm
  • Looking at Magic @magneetfestival via @Kuyichi


    kuyichi.com 30 Aug '13, 11am

    The festival season is slowly getting to an end, but not before these two hit the stage! Burning Man started last week and our Dutch Magneet opens for their 2nd weekend tomorrow. Burning man is one of the oldest, biggest and most spectacular festivals in the world, only thing it’s not...


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