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  • Thanks to @feelgoodstyle for good foods to complement good skin

    Best Foods for Skin Elasticity: Prevent Wrinkles with Diet

    feelgoodstyle.com 23 Apr '17, 6pm

    – Flax is another good source of dietary ALA. Flax also contains DMAE, which protect your skin from sun damage and protect it from wrinkle-causing free radicals. Make sure that you’re using flax meal, which is just ground flax seeds. Your body can’t digest whole flax seeds, so you mis...

  • Your Sustainability Story: Amouve Bedding with Ami Sata

    Your Sustainability Story: Amouve Bedding with Ami Sata

    feelgoodstyle.com 31 Mar '17, 12pm

    The Aha moment: A trip to Scandinavia introduced me to the most sumptuous bedding I had slept on. A volley of questions, research and days later, I managed to trace its manufacturing to India. This coupled with my experience of looking for a pair of quality sheets led me to start Amou...

  • Eco Friendly: What does it mean, and how to we stack up?

    feelgoodstyle.com 12 Mar '17, 6pm

    The push for more sustainability is not part of a marginal sub culture that it once was. Consumers and businesses are jumping on the environmental bandwagon at a high (and ever growing) rate these days. Still, we have a long way to go. With more and more brands claiming to be eco frie...

  • We spotted some great clothes and accessories at Green Festival San Francisco!

    Sustainable Fashion Finds at Green Festivals

    feelgoodstyle.com 01 Dec '16, 6am

    We met a bunch of companies at the recent San Francisco Green Festival, and while we loved the vegan and vegetarian food and the natural products on offer, we also enjoyed seeing all the different clothing brands available to attendees. These companies are using sustainable materials ...

  • Where Your Clothes Come From MATTERs

    Where Your Clothes Come From MATTERs

    feelgoodstyle.com 14 Nov '16, 2pm

    Our out-of-pocket spending is also only one cost of a garment. There are hidden costs to clothing production that we pass on. Child labor along with water pollution from conventional fabric dye processes and dirty cotton farming are just a few of the hidden costs of cheap clothes. MAT...

  • Perk Up! Good Morning Mood Boosters

    feelgoodstyle.com 22 Jan '17, 7pm

    but try to stay calm if the best-laid plans go bust. Every night I lay out my kid’s clothes, my clothes, pack my gym clothes, and pack my lunch. And by “every night,” I mean “every third night.” And by “clothes,” I mean “a shirt that looks clean.” You get what I mean. It’s a good idea...

  • Professor Carol Dweck on the Power of Yet

    Professor Carol Dweck on the Power of Yet

    feelgoodstyle.com 25 Feb '17, 3pm

    Prof. Dweck did a study with a group of 10 year olds, giving them math problems that were too difficult for them. Some were ready to meet the challenge, while other students felt defeated before they even got started. Worse yet, the defeated students said that they would likely cheat ...

  • Are you a #fitnessaddict? Read @feelgoodstyle tips on how to care for your skin while at the the gym here:

    The Gym & Your Skin: How to Care for Your Skin While Working Out

    feelgoodstyle.com 20 Nov '16, 2pm

    One of the most important things to do before a workout is to remove your makeup and wash your face. When your body gets moving and starts to perspire, your pores open up, allowing for sweat secretion. A face full of makeup will lead to build-up and immediately clog your freshly opene...


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