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Top: Rex Loves Vintage / Skirt: Eva Cassis / Shoes: Model's own Dress: Kowtow available at Eco Bird / Jacket: The Social Studio / / Necklace: ...

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  • New outfit post on Eco Warrior Princess about summer style & frivolity. Happy reading xx

    Let's Play

    ecowarriorprincess.net 09 Feb '14, 12am

    Whilst Melbourne’s unbearable summer weather continues to annoy most of its residents, breaking heat records and stumping climate change skeptics, life has continued rather normally at Eco Warrior Princess headquarters, albeit with some minor adjustments. Although I still haven’t purc...

  • How Upcycled Fashion Can Transform Lives

    How Upcycled Fashion Can Transform Lives

    ecowarriorprincess.net 06 Apr '14, 6am

    One of the ways the organisation helps to raise funds for their project is by selling upcycled fashion rice bags. People in India reuse rice bags to clean tables, motorbikes and floors. But given the beautiful colours and amazing designs, the team felt that they were too beautiful to ...

  • Fashion Envie Midsummer Jungle was also featured in based in Australia! Check it out:...

    Eco-Friendly Fashion Event: Fashion Envie's Midsummer Jungle

    ecowarriorprincess.net 13 Mar '13, 11am

    Jennifer Nnamani, best described as an eco entrepreneur, created the grassroots fashion and art project entitled ‘Fashion Envie ’. She wanted to use this platform to promote eco-friendly fashion and art rebranding the concept of green fashion to appeal to the younger audience and deli...

  • A Restless Soul

    A Restless Soul

    ecowarriorprincess.net 26 Apr '14, 5am

    For me the measure of a great society is the degree in which there is social equality, how the weak, vulnerable, sick, disabled and elderly are treated and looked after, whether all citizens needs are met and in addition, how happy and fulfilled its citizens are. There is still a long...

  • The big topic at #REFTC this weekend --> Sustainable Fashion, whats happening in the industry!

    The Sustainable Fashion Industry

    ecowarriorprincess.net 21 Mar '13, 9pm

    Sustainable fashion, also known as eco fashion , is part of the growing movement towards sustainability and social responsibility within the fashion industry. With the rise of sustainable fashion on international runways, magazines and celebrity endorsements from the likes of Natalie ...

  • Shoes for Planet Earth, helping to change the world, literally one step at a time. Read about how you can donate...

    Shoes for Planet Earth; Shoes for kids in need

    ecowarriorprincess.net 31 May '13, 1pm

    Juno works for Up and Running with Coach Titus, a Filipino running coach who’s organisation exists to teach and inspire young kids and athletes to be live a healthier lifestyle through exercise as well as becoming a better athlete. He is looking to obtain these shoes so that he can di...

  • Eco Warrior Princess Returns


    ecowarriorprincess.net 27 Jan '14, 12am

    Eco Warrior Princess had to take a backseat to many other things, including a demanding new job, moving to a new apartment, an exciting business venture and a hectic social life. Some things just had to give. I had to say goodbye to Eco Brides Magazine . I had to prioritise new busine...

  • A Wardrobe Clearance Sale – The Green Fashion Event of the Season

    The Wardrobe Clearance Sale - A Green Fashion Event

    ecowarriorprincess.net 14 Apr '13, 8am

    JENNIFER NINI is the author of Eco Warrior Princess, an eco fashion blog that raises awareness of the social and environmental impacts of the fashion industry, promotes sustainable fashion and inspires the masses to “go green.” Nini is a member of the Ethical Fashion Network and a pas...


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