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  • BREAKING NEWS: A river in China has turned blood red, seemingly overnight

    BREAKING: River in China Mysteriously Turns Blood Red Overnight 25 Jul '14, 9pm

    Residents of a city in eastern China are baffled after a river turned blood red, seemingly overnight. Locals from Wenzhou, a prefecture in the Zhejiang province, said the river looked normal at 5 a.m. Beijing time on Thursday but then turned a deep crimson within the hour. Residents a...

  • Chinese Textile Polluters Disregard Environmental Regulations, Says Report 26 Jul '14, 12pm

    While the findings are hardly surprising, the authors of the report are hoping it’ll prompt renewed concerned about the high price the country is paying for its role as the “apparel workshop to the world.” In 2010, China’s textile industry processed some 41.3 million tons of fiber—52 ...

  • New on the high street! @peta

    Esprit Debuts PETA-Approved Vegan Sneakers for Women 25 Jul '14, 7pm

    new collection of women’s sneakers isn’t just vegan-friendly, it’s also endorsed by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals . Available online and at Esprit retailers in more than 40 countries, the faux-leather and canvas kicks feature “PETA-Approved Vegan” hang tags that proclaim...

  • Who says you can't find sustainable menswear basics?

    Classic USA-made Garments From Osmium are a Timeless Local Mens Collection 18 Jul '14, 7pm

    with a focus on keeping production local. As well as maintaining high quality designs that are made to last, the Massachusetts-based studio believe wholeheartedly in American manufacturing and slow fashion. Their latest collection is classic, a range of stylish yet simple designs in m...

  • Designer Michael Kors has an interesting prediction about fast fashion's future

    QUOTE OF THE DAY: Michael Kors Says We're Moving Away From Fast Fashion 11 Jul '14, 4pm

    “I love fashion because it’s plugged into the zeitgeist, so it’s always changing. Thirty years ago, I could never have predicted I’d be where I am today, so I know I don’t know what’s going to happen in the next five years or the next 20 years. I have my predictions —I’m sure technolo...

  • These boots were made for charging—your gadgets, that is

    March On! Kinetic Military Boots Generate Power With Each Step 11 Jul '14, 7pm

    Marines carry up to 15 pounds of batteries in order to charge all their devices while in the field. The batteries plus all their other gear can be a huge drain on muscles and the soldier’s energy. To lighten their load, Lockheed Martin wanted to come up with a way to generate power wh...

  • Controversial?

    "Precious Skin" Upcycles Cow Ears, Snouts Into Zero-Waste Accessories 11 Jul '14, 6pm

    is a unique collection of handbags made from unusual cow body parts that not only shows how much of each animal is wasted, but also how well-disguised leather products often are. Heads, tails, ears, and lower legs, all of which are unmistakable parts of a dead cow , were used to const...

  • Clothing as food?

    These Yummy Treats Want You to Donate Your Old Clothes 17 Jul '14, 4pm

    Don’t let your clothes become food for moths when they can warm the needy. That’s the message behind a series of witty posters that reimagine castoff garments a hamburger, a cupcake, and two pieces of sushi. Bzz Propaganda , a design agency in Brazil, created the ads to promote a clot...

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