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  • 9 Ways to Tackle Your Insecurity and Embrace the Imperfections in Everyone

    9 Ways to Tackle Your Insecurity and Embrace the Imperfections

    ecosalon.com 28 Mar '17, 7am

    When we feel the discomfort of insecurity, we tend to react to it, rather than actually dealing with it. For example, I have a friend that reacts to her insecurity by gossiping about others and another friend that buys items she doesn’t need when she feels bad about herself. In my cas...

  • This is No Ordinary Cat [Video]

    How a Cat is Changing America [Video]

    ecosalon.com 28 Mar '17, 8am

    Don’t tell your house cat , but this cat may be the bravest kitty in the world. Related on EcoSalon Cat Paws Are Incredibly Sneaky [Video] For the Love of Everything, Stop the Cat Cancer [Video] Best Cat Video Ever? [Video] 2 Shares Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Tags: cat , video...

  • 6 Reasons Being With a Good Guy is the Best

    6 Reasons Being With a Good Guy is the Best

    ecosalon.com 27 Mar '17, 8am

    With so much negativity surrounding men recently, her piece made me stop and reflect on my own love life. A journey that has been intoxicating at its best, and abusive at its worst. To reflect on the failed relationships I’ve had, and how incredibly grateful I am for the man I’m with ...

  • Don't Freak Out But Coffee MAY Be Aging Your Skin (Okay, Freak Out)

    ecosalon.com 27 Mar '17, 7am

    Now for the good news: coffee’s negative effects may be counteracted if you are diligent enough. Make it a rule for yourself to drink two glasses of water for each cup of coffee. Meanwhile, don’t make coffee the first thing you consume in the morning. An acidic beverage is not what yo...

  • Is Vegan Food Better for You Than Meditation?

    ecosalon.com 25 Mar '17, 7am

    What makes you happier: sitting completely still and focusing on your breath or gorging on a plate full of (vegan) nachos? If you’re like most people, it’s certainly the latter, even though we’ve been told time and again that meditation is the key to happiness. But according to one Ti...

  • 3 Great Reasons to Crowdsource Your Next (Local, Grass-Fed Beef) Steak

    3 Great Reasons to Crowdsource Your Next (Local, Grass-Fed Beef) Steak

    ecosalon.com 20 Mar '17, 8am

    Crowdsourced meat is becoming more popular across the country, and while it’s definitely tough to get your head around the idea of buying half a cow – at least at first – this may be the best way we’ve found to buy local, grass-fed beef. There are several models for crowdsourcing meat...

  • 11 Must-Wear Spring Sandals That are Also Vegan

    11 Must-Wear Spring Sandals That are Also Vegan

    ecosalon.com 23 Mar '17, 8am

    The sun is shining, the snow is melting (hopefully), and like the flowers in bloom, it’s nearly time for pent up toes to emerge from those cute, but totally stifling, boots you’ve been wearing all winter. Fortunately, we’ve got the lowdown on the latest shoe trends for spring and summ...

  • 8 Stationary Must-Haves for Old-Timey Communication Lovers

    8 Stationary Must-Haves for Old-Timey Communication Lovers

    ecosalon.com 18 Mar '17, 7am

    , tweets, Snapchat, and every other form of digital communication some are choosing to go old school with pen and paper. There’s a snail mail revival afoot. Sending a card, a letter, a note of thanks is a much more personal way to let your loved ones know that you care and are thinkin...


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