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  • Simon Rickard?s ?Heirloom Vegetables?: a Beautiful Vegetable Storybook #green

    'Heirloom Vegetables': a Beautiful Vegetable Storybook

    ecosalon.com 23 May '16, 7am

    There are a lot of reasons to buy another gardening book: maybe it discusses a variety that most books forget; maybe it offers some unique tips on how to grow your favorites. But when you’ve already got shelves full of gardening books, the real reason to buy yet another one is when it...

  • Bernie Sanders Wants a Croissant, Hillary Clinton Wants to Win [Video]

    Bernie Sanders Wants a Croissant, Hillary Clinton Wants to Win [Video]

    ecosalon.com 23 May '16, 9am

    Google Maps released a feature that gives turn-by-turn biking directions in 150 American cities this week, as it has previously for driving, public transportation and walking routes. According to the company’s own blog, bike directions were the most requested feature by Google Maps us...

  • Who Knew Living on a Greener Earth was a Problem?

    Who Knew Living on a Greener Earth was a Problem?

    ecosalon.com 24 May '16, 8am

    When you see rolling hills of lush, green grass and trees, you probably think to yourself, “right on!” Well, don’t celebrate just yet because apparently, a greener Earth is actually a bad thing. All this confusing research comes from a new study that was printed in the journal Nature ...

  • 7 Must-Have Front Porch Ideas That'll Keep You Outside All Season

    7 Must-Have Front Porch Ideas That'll Keep You Outside All Season

    ecosalon.com 22 May '16, 7am

    Whether you plan on chilling in a hammock or grilling up some fun for your and some friends, it’s time to get your porch ready for the season. If you are like most people, the porch is where you huddle while trying to get into the warm house as quickly as possible for most of the year...

  • Going Local Online: The Rise of the Online Farmers Market

    ecosalon.com 22 May '16, 9am

    All these tools do however beg the question: while online platforms give us better access, are they discouraging us from engaging. The “Bowling Alone ” social phenomenon is much discussed in political science circles, the idea that with the rise of internet and technology we spend mor...

  • The 10-Step K-Beauty Guide featuring our anti-aging Metamorphic Elixir as the perfect base layer via @ecosalon

    Is the 10-Step Korean Beauty Routine Worth Your Time?

    ecosalon.com 21 May '16, 4pm

    In our Americanized world of fast, faster, and even faster , a ten-step skincare routine sounds sort of absurd. Let’s face it, many of us can’t even imagine taking the time to apply a serum pre-moisturizer. Alas, the multi-product Korean Beauty hype has hit the U.S. Find out if it’s w...

  • What Can We Learn from British Columbia’s Green Energy Program?:

    A Lot to Learn from British Columbia’s Green Energy Program

    ecosalon.com 21 May '16, 7am

    When it comes to green energy , it might be time we looked north for inspiration; in British Columbia, an increase in the production and use of clean, renewable energy has invigorated the local economy, not to mention the green energy industry. British Columbia has long been a leader ...

  • I can't wait for this startup to be very successful! Smart #Vegan Food, Thanks to A.I. @TheNotCo [Video]

    Smart Vegan Food, Thanks to A.I.? [Video]

    ecosalon.com 14 May '16, 1am

    What makes good vegan food? Science and artificial intelligence, apparently. The video below shows how a group of Chilean scientists, using artificial intelligence and technology, have formulated “smarter and better-tasting meat replacements,” Treehugger reports. “Founders Matias Much...


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