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  • Clothing Microfibers are Poising Marine Life, and We're Next

    Clothing Microfibers are Poising Marine Life, and We’re Next

    ecosalon.com 23 Jun '16, 3pm

    Microfibers—the tiny fibers in your clothing that get released every time you wash your clothes—are destroying marine life. And if people don’t take action now, those clothing microfibers could soon destroy other life. The investigation into this big and small problem began when Sherr...

  • #FathersDay has passed but this stuff is good year round! Best Natural Hair Products for Men

    Best Natural Hair Products for Men

    ecosalon.com 18 Jun '16, 7am

    Guys are coifing now more than ever. And that means they are buying more hair care too. The best natural hair products for men deliver on simplicity, safety, and style. Pick some up for Father’s Day . Think guys don’t buy into the whole natural beauty thing? Men watch out for their he...

  • 5 of the Best Original Online TV Series You Haven’t Seen Yet https://t.co/jSByPiTMtu

    5 of the Best Original Online TV Series You Haven’t Seen Yet

    ecosalon.com 19 Jun '16, 7am

    Forget “Orange is the Black,” watch these original online TV series instead (or after you binge watch OITB). While OITB’s upcoming fourth season might be getting all the recent attention, there are plenty of other original online TV series to stream. Cut the cable cord and whether you...

  • 11 Effortless DIY Ideas for Updating the Bathroom Decor (on the Cheap!)

    11 Effortless DIY Ideas for Updating the Bathroom Decor

    ecosalon.com 05 Jun '16, 7am

    Update your bathroom decor on the cheap with these easy DIY ideas. According to real estate agents, updating the bathroom adds the least amount of value to your home. Pretty much anyone with a bathroom in need of a little TLC will tell you; that doesn’t matter, though. While updating ...

  • For Erin Schrode, the Road to Congress Starts Early

    ecosalon.com 07 Jun '16, 8am

    But after literally decades of doing this, working on projects, spending time studying, and looking through an environmental lens by visiting Ghana to work on recycling infrastructure in public schools, the Middle East to build an environmental curriculum for an eco-education center i...

  • This Commercial is a Bloody Mess [Video]

    This Commercial is a Bloody Mess [Video]

    ecosalon.com 10 Jun '16, 7pm

    And that bloody mess is a good thing… kind of. The video below is an ad for pads. As in period blood protecting pads. And guess what? It features actual red blood flowing from women’s bodies. But like Cosmo mentions, the blood isn’t actually coming from anyone’s vagina—it’s coming fro...

  • Designers Turn to Food Waste to Make Upcycled Fashion

    Designers Turn to Food Waste to Make Sustainable

    ecosalon.com 13 Jun '16, 7am

    Forget expensive designer clothing. Your next gown could be constructed out of upcycled food waste. We probably don’t have to tell you that an exorbitant amount of food is wasted every year, but to drive home our point, get a load of this depressing statistic: “The United Nations Envi...

  • 7 Father’s Day Gifts: Ethical Ideas That Don’t Suck https://t.co/s7EPVDRwXu

    7 Father’s Day Gifts: Ethical Ideas That Don't Suck

    ecosalon.com 11 Jun '16, 7am

    Our Father’s Day gift guide will appeal to a range of different dad’s – from the health nut to the geeky guy, we’ve got something for everyone. For the special man in your life, whether it’s the father of your children, your own dearest dad, or a surrogate father figure, show him how ...


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