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  • 5 Organic Materials Helping to Counteract Pollution from Big Fashion

    5 Organic Materials Counteracting Pollution from Big

    ecosalon.com 23 Jul '16, 7am

    Created from organic materials, Muskin is a textile breakthrough that’s making positive waves in the vegan community. GradoZero Espace, a textile manufacturer based in Italy, has presented the public with a “leather” that is cruelty-free because it’s crafted from mushrooms caps. The t...

  • In celebration of #NationalHotDogDay, here are 5 of the best veggie dogs!

    The Best Vegetarian Hot Dogs for Guilt-Free, Great-Tasting Grilling

    ecosalon.com 23 Jul '16, 4pm

    If it weren’t for the good people at Tofurky we probably wouldn’t even be having this discussion! While hot dogs are a new addition to the brand’s line-up of mock meat products, Tofurky is the go-to brand for great-tasting meat-free slices, holiday roasts and sausages. The Tofurky Hot...

  • 7 Ways for Nature Lovers to Decorate with Botanicals

    7 Ways for Nature Lovers to Decorate with Botanicals

    ecosalon.com 17 Jul '16, 7am

    Turn your home into a nature lover’s paradise with home decor ideas inspired by real-life botanicals. If you are a plant lover and want to keep the beauty of outdoor botanicals alive all year round (and aren’t loaded enough to have an indoor conservancy) get inspired to add botanicals...

  • Composting Toilets: Coming Soon to an Outdoor Concert Venue Near You!

    Coming Soon to an Outdoor Concert Venue: Composting Toilets!

    ecosalon.com 16 Jul '16, 7am

    All of Natural Event’s toilets are flatback . That means a person can load 150 of them on a truck. You can typically only fit 26 Portapotties on a truck. Every composting toilet is chemical-free and liquid-free. How? Sawdust is the key. And that sawdust also keeps the outdoor johns st...

  • Have a Happy Home: the Psychology of Interior Design

    ecosalon.com 19 Jul '16, 8am

    Living a better and more efficient life begins at home, which is why the psychology of interior design is so vitally important to creating a happy home. Whether you’re a professional or a do-it-yourselfer, residential interior design is a multifaceted field that often involves various...

  • 7 Hand and Nail Care Tips (or How to Look Like a Hand #Model)

    7 Hand and Nail Care Tips (or How to Look Like a Hand Model)

    ecosalon.com 22 Jul '16, 5pm

    So, you may not use your hands to pay the bills. That doesn’t mean you don’t want them looking their best at all times, right? Here are simple ways to model-worthy mitts. Feel you don’t have time for yet another skincare regimen? This hand-friendly routine will keep your digits and na...

  • Is Dieting Making America Fat?

    Is Dieting Making America Fat?

    ecosalon.com 15 Jul '16, 7am

    Wherever we go, we hear about dieting: diet pills that help us keep off the weight or keep from getting hungry, diet programs that deliver only the food you can eat, diet tricks like cutting out fat or carbs or sugar, or new fad diets like the corset diet . But where is all these diet...

  • 7 Charitable Companies Redefining Retail Therapy: Making Slow Fashion and Giving Back Look Cool

    7 Charitable Companies Redefining Retail Therapy

    ecosalon.com 06 Jul '16, 4pm

    Sevenly’s name is a hint to the company’s charitable process. “Recognized as one of the world’s leading ‘social good’ companies,” fashion forward graphic tees is what the brand is known for, and each purchase will donate 7 percent of every sale to the Sevenly Foundation, with 100 perc...


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