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  • The Best Safe Space Ever [Video]

    The Best Safe Space Ever [Video]

    ecosalon.com 17 Aug '17, 5pm

    Amber Ruffin, an amazing “Late Night with Seth Meyers” show writer, recently showed the host her safe space . Watch and see why it’s the best place ever. Related on EcoSalon This Reading Makes Trump’s Black History Month Speech Even Worse [Video] Seth Meyers’ Writer Amber Ruffin Total...

  • 2 Products That Mean Well But are Bad for Your Sexual Health: #NowWhat

    2 Products That Mean Well But are Bad for Your Sexual Health: #NowWhat

    ecosalon.com 17 Aug '17, 5pm

    Most consumer products are safe. And although we’re mostly certain that the companies selling the following new products don’t intend on inadvertently hurting people, hurt customers they might. At-home HPV testing HPV is a common sexually transmitted infection. So common that, accordi...

  • We're All Just Witches Who Want to Destroy the Patriarchy

    We’re All Just Witches Who Want to Destroy the Patriarchy

    ecosalon.com 16 Aug '17, 5pm

    Lana Del Rey is getting her witch on. When the world is in unrest, people start taking action. And some of that action is more esoteric than other forms of action. Cast a spell on hate Early this year, Lana Del Ray announced that she planned on using witchcraft to thwart Donald Trump....

  • 13 Perfectly Personalized Pet Portraits for Your Furry Family Members

    13 Perfectly Personalized Pet Portraits for Your Furry Family Members

    ecosalon.com 14 Aug '17, 7am

    “Sometimes it’s tempting to think that creating art doesn’t hold a whole lot of meaning in the grand scheme of things,” says Gilmore. “But I often hear that my work captures the spirit of a pet, a person, a memory or a place and usually ends up bringing the recipient to tears. I absol...

  • @ecosalon

    Sorry, Folks: We Can't Say 'Climate Change' Anymore

    ecosalon.com 15 Aug '17, 8am

    When we swapped out the term “global warming ” for “climate change,” it was in an effort to be more precise with what exactly was happening with the planet. The same can’t be said for the USDA’s new directive to scrap mention of climate change in favor of “weather extremes.” This new ...

  • Animal Rights Activism Meets Street Art in the 'Vegan Club'

    ecosalon.com 13 Aug '17, 7am

    Most recently, Le Fou used the Vegan Club platform (which now includes customizable t-shirts) to highlight the recently released Netflix film “Okja,” directed by Bong Joon-ho. The feature follows the story of a genetically modified “superpig” and her human companion on a journey throu...

  • LA's Fair Trade Fashion Show Models Trends for Every Style, Occasion, and Budget

    LA's Fair Trade Fashion Show: Trends for Every Style and Budget

    ecosalon.com 06 Aug '17, 4pm

    The goal: spread awareness, inspire action, and raise funds to end corruption in the fashion industry. The evening featured Fair Trade clothing and accessory vendors, plant-based bites, an EcoSessions panel, and the much-anticipated fashion show. Models representing a range of women’s...

  • This Vegan Coconut Curry Recipe Has Endless Variations

    This Vegan Coconut Curry Recipe Has Endless Variations

    ecosalon.com 12 Aug '17, 7am

    Food prep can be quite the ’itch but so too can cooking up an elaborate meal every night. For this reason, I’ve resorted to some tried-and-true recipes whose basic outline can be easily altered whenever I am craving different grains, herbs, spices , vegetables, or savory/sweet tones. ...


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