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  • 6 Upcycling Projects that Turn Coffee Waste into Something Cool

    6 Upcycling Projects that Turn Coffee Waste into Something Cool

    ecosalon.com 26 Nov '16, 8am

    Coffee is like the peanut butter to my jelly, the milk to my cookies, the Kim to my Kanye. Coffee is the wind beneath my wings, and I would be completely useless without it. Yet, every day I seem to do away with its waste. Old grounds and beans get treated like second class citizens, ...

  • 5 Ways to Travel Ireland Like a Local and Feel the Magic

    5 Ways to Travel Ireland Like a Local and Feel the Magic

    ecosalon.com 29 Nov '16, 8am

    “Stunning dramatic unspoilt landscape, friendly locals and a region steeped in culture and heritage, Mayo is the place to go to discover the true Ireland” says Rachel Nolan, owner of Rachel’s Irish Adventures. Stay in one of Mayo County’s Blue Book castle hotels and manors like Ennisc...

  • Gluten-Free Vegan Apricot Crumble Recipe

    Gluten-Free Vegan Apricot Crumble Recipe

    ecosalon.com 29 Nov '16, 9am

    Warm, buttery, and just the right amount of crispy, this apricot crumble doesn’t taste like it compromises for its vegan and gluten-free namesake. Instead, it screams comfort with every dense, aromatic, and lightly sweetened bite. The only way this apricot crumble recipe gets any bett...

  • 5 Impressively Simple and Chic Homemade Hostess Gifts

    5 Impressively Simple and Chic Homemade Hostess Gifts

    ecosalon.com 28 Nov '16, 9am

    These are great because you have control over the color of the twine, the tag’s shape and size, and whether or not you want to include a message on said tag. The DIY uses coffee filters – unbleached is a great choice – and the loose leaf tea and additional spices of your choice. Holid...

  • 7 Crowd-Pleasing Gluten-Free Treats for the Holidays

    ecosalon.com 24 Nov '16, 8am

    Cookie Cutter Cookies – The holidays wouldn’t seem complete without cut-out cookies. Not only just for the sweet and buttery taste but for the art and practice of decorating these fun holiday treats. Meringue Treats – Individual meringue cookies are not only tasty but beautiful, too. ...

  • Holiday Special: Your Health and Wellness Gifts Guide is Here

    ecosalon.com 20 Nov '16, 8am

    The holidays are fast approaching and it is time to get shopping. Of course, you want those special someones to receive special presents. If time and ideas are slowing you down, here’s your list of health and wellness gifts for everyone on your list. Best of all, you can buy them all

  • 12 Ultimate Winter Skin Care Products You’ll Use All Year https://t.co/u8OPujBfj3

    12 Ultimate Winter Skin Care Products You'll Use All Year

    ecosalon.com 27 Nov '16, 8am

    Did you know certain essential oils hydrate skin and boost circulation? What you end up with is a beautifully radiant complexion. Three that do the trick instantly are Rosemary (also great for soothing upset skin conditions, like acne and dermatitis), Evening Primrose (which tones dow...

  • 3 Natural (and Weird) Hangover Cures: Prevent the Morning After Misery

    ecosalon.com 18 Nov '16, 9am

    The holidays season is in full swing, which means there’s ever the more reason to let loose and enjoy family, friends, and the accompanying debauchery . If you are anything like me, you tend to drink (read: guzzle) alcohol a lot more than you’re used to during holiday season. This yea...


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