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  • .@JohnMandyck shares a way to help feed 1 billion people. Need to grow the @SmartColdChain to do it!

    Growing the Cold Chain: An Essential Key to Reducing Food Waste

    ecosalon.com 27 Apr '17, 4pm

    When we think of food waste, we usually think first about our own consumption, and that’s a great start. But it’s just the start. From commercializing “ugly” produce that once never would have made it to the supermarket to revolutionizing expiration dates, the developed world has been...

  • Rape Victims Pay for Some Rape-Related Medical Expenses, Which is *Totally* Fair: #NowWhat

    Rape Victims Pay for Some Rape-Related Medical Expenses: #NowWhat

    ecosalon.com 27 Apr '17, 7am

    And although we know rape victims have to deal with physical and emotional distress, many victims also must handle a monetary burden, too. The study Ashley M. Tennessee, DHA, MBA, MPH, and assistant professor at the Division of Healthcare Studies and Department of Health Professions a...

  • OSEA Malibu is Bringing the Sea to Your Beauty Cabinet (Sustainably!)

    OSEA Malibu is Bringing the Sea to Your Beauty Cabinet (Sustainably!)

    ecosalon.com 26 Apr '17, 4pm

    If you live in a coastal region, everything you rinse off your body, i.e. soap, creams, shampoo, etc. ends up going down the drain and into our oceans. So when you apply that toxic petrochemical-laden lotion, you’re not only harming yourself, you’re also polluting our oceans. Oxybenzo...

  • We Can Fuel the Whole Freaking World with Renewable Energy Like, Right Now

    We Can Fuel the Whole Freaking World with Renewable Energy Like, Now

    ecosalon.com 12 Apr '17, 2pm

    In 2009, Stanford University environmental engineer Professor Mark Jacobson published peer-reviewed research in Scientific American showing that it was possible for the nation to transition to 100 percent renewable energy. Two years later, actor Mark Ruffalo and banker Marco Krapels, ...

  • Artist Jim Denevan Uses Sand to Soothe the Soul

    Artist Jim Denevan Uses Sand to Soothe the Soul

    ecosalon.com 22 Apr '17, 7am

    Jim Denevan is known for founding Outstanding in the Field, a roving, farm-to-table meal event, and his disappearing art . That’s right. Denevan aims to make art that nature can destroy. Stress relief with sand Denevan started making art in 1995. The first material he used was sand. I...

  • Pitti Vintage is been featured on

    Etsy Roundup: 9 Vegan Handbags for Spring

    ecosalon.com 24 Apr '17, 6pm

    Another shop that really brings the beautiful vegan handbags on Etsy is Pitti Vintage. This soft pink purse with kawaii top has great lines and even incorporates some striking contrast with the dark handle. This is definitely for the modern babe who likes her purses in the minimalist ...

  • 11 Ways You Can Protect Endangered Sea Turtles Without Stepping Foot in the Ocean

    11 Ways You Can Protect Endangered Sea Turtles

    ecosalon.com 13 Apr '17, 7am

    In populated areas, sea turtle nesting sites may often be roped off to avoid human interference. But either way, avoid sea turtle nesting sites. Be aware of where the nesting sites are so you can avoid trampling on them. When female turtles emerge from the ocean looking for a place to...

  • Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman are Bringing DIY to Prime-Time

    Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman are Brining DIY to Prime-Time

    ecosalon.com 17 Apr '17, 7am

    What do you get when you combine the talent of Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman, and a reality show about DIY projects? Our guess is a real good time. A crafty idea Last month, The Hollywood Reporter reported that NBC ordered six episodes of “Handmaid Project,” a DIY reality show. Amy Po...


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