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  • .@EcoFashionWeek Vancouver April 27-29, is trimming its final edges & shaping up to be the most unique season yet.

    Edition 8 of Eco Fashion Week 21 Apr '14, 2pm

    , taking place April 27-29, is trimming its final edges and shaping up to be one of the most unique seasons yet. Change is good, it is your ally and Eco Fashion Week is settling into a new way to showcase eco-fashion and the diversity of the garment industry. The event is focusing on ...

    1. Eco Fashion Week - ABOUT 20 Apr '14, 10am
  • .@WeAreChilpa rebozos (Mexican scarf/shawl) are 100% cotton, handwoven w/ skill & love by artisans in Tenancingo

    Brand Profile: Chilpa 19 Apr '14, 3pm

    Chilpa offers more than just (Mexican) scarves and shawls...Chilpa was born in 2013 in Nunhead, London with Mexican roots. At Chilpa they believe in quality design made by people who get a fair price for their work. The founders of Chilpa fell in love with rebozos (this type of scarve...

  • Meet slow fashion powerhouse Kathryn Hilderbrand #ethicalfashion #slowfashion #tailor @grenlinbyk

    Meet Kathryn Hilderbrand 18 Apr '14, 2pm

    During her work with the FRD campaign, Hilderbrand met Amy Dufault and through their conversations, The Tailor Project was born. The Tailor Project is a year-long mending and design collaboration between the two. Dufault says, “it is a call to arms for old friends, new friends and col...

  • Renli Su is inspired by textures of Brazilian artist Mira Schendal & uses Khadi fabrics from India #ecofashion

    Texture Blends by Renli Su 14 Apr '14, 2pm

    London-based now, Renli Su is a graduate from the London College of Fashion with an MA, based on craftsmanship and ethical fashion. When I asked her at LFW whether she could conceive producing a collection that was not exclusively ethical she firmly said NO! In fact she took great pai...

  • Ethical Fashion consultant @Shannlw launches @Factory45co program 4 fashion startups to accelerate path to success

    Factory45: A New Accelerator for Fashion Startups 02 Apr '14, 2pm

    Sustainable fashion consultant and entrepreneur, Shannon Whitehead, is launching an exciting new program for fashion startups that want to accelerate their path to success. This month Factory45 opens its virtual doors to a select group of people who will spend six months together in 2...

  • #green #eco | 5 Lessons Learned Through The Journey of Ethical Entrepreneurship | #fashion

    5 Lessons Learned Through The Journey of Ethical Entrepreneurship 30 Mar '14, 2pm

    Tell your story: Share the ethical processes of your company with your customers. After sharing how our fabrics are made, our customers truly appreciate the unique process, are more inclined to pay a price premium and they understand why we have such long lead times. Create positive r...

  • .@dikokoredesigns brings colorful hand woven grass bracelets from Benin in West Africa #ecofas…

    Brand Profile: dikokore designs 11 Apr '14, 2pm

    dikokore designs brings colorful grass bracelets from Benin in West Africa to the US. They work with a cooperative of over 30 women who hand weave these bracelets in a tradition that is several centuries old. The bracelets are strong, light and unique, and the little quirks and intric...

  • EcoChic Design Award encourages designers to create clothing w/ minimal textile waste #ethicalfashion

    The EcoChic Design Award - Activism for Sustainable Fashion 15 Mar '14, 3pm

    Market environmentalism holds some truism. Because consumers respond more quickly, they are a more reliable force to initiate eco-conscious changes than institutions. The success of the most recent EcoChic Design Award was an encouraging example. In case you think it’s yet another fan...

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