• A Recap of Mega-Corporate and #Government Attention on #Bitcoin This Past Year

    A Recap of Mega-Corporate and Government Attention on Bitcoin This Past Year

    bitcoinmagazine.net 26 Sep '12, 3pm

    There are good reasons to be concerned about this kind of institutional attention; even if it has little effect on Bitcoin directly, there is reason to believe that many businesses are holding out on accepting Bitcoin because they are waiting for official acceptance. BitPay’s Tony Gal...

  • (Context of my last tweet: the biggest Ponzi in the short history of Bitcoin, worth millions of USD, just closed up:

    Savings & Trust – Genuine or Joke?

    bitcoinmagazine.net 18 Aug '12, 10am

    As many have predicted was an inevitable future, the man known only as Pirateat40 on bitcointalk.org announced the closure of his investment service , the Bitcoin Savings & Trust, earlier today, citing complications in performing larger transactions as the primary reason. The interest...

  • Wordpress Accepts Bitcoin #wordpress #bitcoin

    Wordpress Accepts

    bitcoinmagazine.net 15 Nov '12, 11pm

    Today, WordPress, an extremely popular blog hosting site and framework and the 22nd most accessed site in the world, has announced that they are going to be accepting Bitcoin as a method of payment. The press release reads: “at WordPress.com, our mission is making publishing democrati...

  • Common Misconceptions About Bitcoin: A Guide For Journalists

    Common Misconceptions About Bitcoin: A Guide For Journalists

    bitcoinmagazine.net 29 Dec '12, 12am

    Bitcoin IS being used to sell illegal drugs on sites like Silk Road. However, illegal goods other than drugs – including assassinations, child pornography and even guns, are NOT gaining significant traction. The black market website Silk Road made considerable news a few months ago wh...

  • Now Accepting Bitcoins #bitcoin #torrentleech

    TorrentLeech.org Now Accepting Bitcoins

    bitcoinmagazine.net 17 Oct '12, 1am

    TorrentLeech.org, a torrent tracking service with a massive 500k userbase, is now accepting and even encouraging Bitcoins as donations and in exchange for VIP accounts. TorrentLeech believes that “Bitcoin payments safeguard your privacy and protect your anonymity,” and are “strong bel...

  • Journal of Peer Production Calling For Papers on Value and Currency

    bitcoinmagazine.net 13 Dec '12, 1pm

    Radical politics and economics has always been one of the Bitcoin community’s interests, and so many people would benefit from taking a closer look at these two organizations’ work. The general category of the P2P ideology’s politics can be described as libertarian – a word which appe...

  • #BitFloor and #Bitcoinica Refunds Showing Signs of Progress #bitcoin

    BitFloor and Bitcoinica Refunds Showing Signs of Progress

    bitcoinmagazine.net 05 Dec '12, 2pm

    BitFloor and Bitcoinica Refunds Showing Signs of Progress The Bitcoin exchange platforms BitFloor and Bitcoinica, the two largest institutional victims of digital theft in Bitcoin history , have finally shown their first signs of genuine progress toward repaying their clients. On Octo...

  • Bitcoin Kiez Rollout: 3 New BTC-Accepting Stores and Restaurants in Berlin, More to Come #bitcoin

    Kiez Rollout: 3 New BTC-Accepting Stores and Restaurants in Berlin, More to Come

    bitcoinmagazine.net 14 Nov '12, 12pm

    While the rest of the Bitcoin community was celebrating Bitcoin Friday by taking advantage of the large discounts made available by their favorite Bitcoin shops, Joerg Platzer of Room 77 , a restaurant that has become the epicenter of the Bitcoin community in Berlin, used the date to ...