19 May '17, 7pm

5 Double-Duty Eco-Luxe Activewear Garments: Friday Finds

5 Double-Duty Eco-Luxe Activewear Garments: Friday Finds

Considered both modern and couture, Kucheza Tennis’s line of athletic wear includes several double-duty dresses. Designed with you in mind, these minis are intended to enhance your good looks on and off the court. Plus, the garments are hand-sewn using luxury fabrics in the United States. This particular jumper is the loveliest shade of blue and features a very current print that’s perfect for pairing with sneakers and your go-to wristbands, just as well as a pair of wedges and an armful of bangle bracelets. Definitely a love-love, regardless of your score. Priced at $200.

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