25 Nov '12, 8pm

EXCLUSIVE: Def Leppard’s Phil Collen on Why He’s Vegan

Just before a tour, I kind of really step it up. We do a lot of martial arts training and combine that with weights. Just a bit of everything really. But I think that the cardio stuff, the kick boxing training is what really kicks it in. Just before a tour you know, I split the workout up into three parts, a cardio, a weights, and actually pads as well, like boxing pads and stuff. That’s three times a day. That with the diet thing. Again, just eat more raw, and just watching what you’re doing. It just really kicks in really very quickly. Usually about three weeks I can get to a state I’m really happy with. And within 12 weeks or something it really kicks in. And it never seems to change. As you get older and stuff, yeah, you make adjustments with your diet and different things. But I find if I stop working out I start aching.

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