15 Jan '17, 9pm

Macklemore, Columbia Join Forces to Raise Awareness of Toxic PFCs

has found an unlikely ally in its quest to stem the use of perfluorinated compounds in outerwear: hip-hop artist Macklemore . The Portland, Ore.–based sportswear company, which debuted its PFC-free OutDry Extreme Eco Shell jacket on Thursday, tapped the artist known as Ben Haggerty to provide a rundown of the class of chemicals, which are typically used to waterproof clothing, gear, and footwear. “For decades, rain jackets were made with perfluorinated compounds, a.k.a. the “devil of the forest,” Macklemore says in a video. “All these PFCs are great for keeping the water beating off your jacket. … But scientists are finding them all over the forest, man.”

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