02 Jan '17, 5pm

Sadism As Virtue.

– the only difference being that this new strand has a little bit of added sadism. This never ending cycle will continue so long as the conversation remains fixated on treatment . It is so crucially important as advocates that we discuss the immorality of animal use front and centre. Focusing on treatment does nothing but assume the legitimacy of welfarism and ensures that the paradigm we’ve been indoctrinated with the last 200 hundreds keeps on being reintroduced. It does nothing but fuel more Louise Gray’s to pop into existence who will continue to promote the idea that you can go stalking to fill your freezer with venison, or rabbit shooting and fishing to sate your desire for an afternoon snack, and that this is perfectly acceptable behaviour when interacting with other sentient beings. If it hasn’t become clear to you already, animals are in the trouble they are in be...

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