28 Jun '16, 12pm

Rewilder Makes Vegan Bags From Upcycled Beer Filter Cloth

Rewilder Makes Vegan Bags From Upcycled Beer Filter Cloth

takes the "craft" in "craft beer" pretty seriously. Based in Los Angeles, the cruelty-free label reclaims polypropylene filters, used to strain barley and hops during beer manufacturing, and transforms them into effortlessly sleek totes, bags, clutches, and aprons. "Large breweries throw these filters away only weeks of use," explain Lisa Siedlecki and Jennifer Silbert, the company's founders, on their website. "[They're] lightweight, strong, durable, breathable, and very beautiful, with a unique patina from manufacturing." Stout produces a heavier gray patina, while wheat and other light beers create a pale copper tone. For greater variety, Rewilder overdyes some of its bags while embellishing others with splashes of reclaimed house paint. No two are completely alike.

Full article: http://www.ecouterre.com/rewilder-makes-vegan-bags-from-u...


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