30 Nov '15, 8pm

Morphing XFR Tote makes it easy to carry your stuff when bike-sharing

systems are great for getting around the city, but they suck when it comes to carrying things, particularly since their built-in storage leaves much to be desired. The XFR Tote addresses that with a brilliant solution that converts from bike pack to messenger bag, shoulder bag and backpack so you can travel easily with all the things you need. They’re also pretty handsome. The XFR Tote is designed to drop onto and sit securely on the front rack of the most prevalent bike share system run by Motivate London (Citi Bike, Santander, etc.) It is a fantastic system for commuting, but is imperfect in its ability to carry a load. The XFR tote fixes this and takes the hassle out of carrying the things you need.

Full article: http://inhabitat.com/xfr-tote-makes-it-easy-to-carry-your...


Easy to Move Tiny Green Home

Easy to Move Tiny Green Home

jetsongreen.com 30 Nov '15, 5pm

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