25 Sep '15, 1pm

Newly discovered polar dinosaur in Alaska may have been warm-blooded

Ugrunaaluk kuukpikensis grew to be 30 feet long and had hundreds of teeth, which it used to grind and tear the tough vegetation it ate. Although the dinosaur could use all four legs in its locomotion, it usually would have been standing on two legs. While it’s clear Ugrunaaluk was not the only dinosaur in the neighborhood, scientists have not yet found any fossils from crocodiles, turtles, lizards or other cold-blooded reptiles. This suggests that perhaps dinosaurs were warm-blooded, able to regulate their own body temperature to make them more resilient against the cold. The discovery is documented in a recently published paper by researchers at Florida State and Alaska University. If you can’t get enough of polar dinosaurs, be sure to check out Walking With Dinosaur’s Spirits of the Ice Forest

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