24 Sep '15, 8pm

Fabulous knitted funghi by @bromeleighad “@inhabitat: Everyone's got to have a hobby

is putting the "fun" in "fungi." The Oklahoma fiber artist, a self-professed mycology enthusiast, decided to combine her twin loves of knitting and mushrooms with a personal challenge. Her goal: to knit 52 forms of fungi in 2013, or roughly a species per week. Martin's race against time has already produced 19 distinct varieties, from the infamous spotted toadstool (Amanita muscaria) to the lesser-known Devil's urn (Urnula craterium) . To document her work, Martin photographs the ersatz lifeforms in their native habitats, even attaching them—albeit temporarily—to their corresponding trees.

Full article: http://www.ecouterre.com/photos-oklahoma-artist-on-a-miss...