28 Aug '15, 5pm

Over 30,000 mines are leaking toxic waste into American waterways

On the heels of the disaster which caused 3 million gallons of toxic waste to spill into the Animas River in Colorado earlier this month, conservationists are rightly freaking out about the likelihood of similar problems in the future. According to information from the federal Government Accountability Office (GAO), contamination of western waters is much more pervasive than most people realize, with some 30,000 leaky mines scattered across the landscape like time bombs. If the Environmental Protection Agency, which caused the Animas River spill, can’t be trusted to safeguard our waterways, who can?

Full article: http://inhabitat.com/over-30000-mines-are-leaking-toxic-w...


via @grist

via @grist

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I have a confession to make: I love corn. I also love soy. Dammit, I even love wheat, like most American eaters. I love it...

Meat waste is the worst waste

Meat waste is the worst waste

treehugger.com 03 Sep '15, 5pm

All food waste is not equally wasteful. The type of food that is wasted has a big influence on the amount of negative envi...

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I am a expat owner and was able to sell my condo to another expat within 2 weeks time; I saved lot of...

#Waste audits are a key player in maintaining #LEED score at its best! Here's why:

#Waste audits are a key player in maintaining #...

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Whether you call it garbage, rubbish, trash, refuse or litter, we all generate waste. Here at USGBC, we make conscientious...