27 Mar '15, 4pm

U.S. approves $350,000 hunt of endangered black rhino in Namibia

to an American hunter to kill an endangered black rhino in Namibia, and then bring the so-called trophy back to the United States. This is the most recent development in a saga that began nearly two years ago, when the Dallas Safari Club auctioned off a permit to hunt the endangered creature. The winning bidder paid $350,000 for the chance to bag a Black Rhino, but the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) initially denied his request to bring the dead animal back to the U.S. However, upon determining that the proceeds from the auction and subsequent hunt will go towards conservation efforts, the agency has

Full article: http://inhabitat.com/u-s-approves-350000-hunt-of-endanger...


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