24 Dec '11, 2am

Anyone else weirded about those Skechers "Bob" ads?

Ok so im 15 years old it probally doesn’t matter to you what i say but to be honest when i found out that sketchers made the bobs it really botherd me at first but then also knowing how young i am style is style and they are also cheaper so what the heck these shoes have lasted me a long time and i have had no problems with them they look exactly like my friends Toms too i mean the only diff. is the side sayings toms and bobs big deal.. but the point i got them for $54 and a whole nother pair for only $1 thats a great deal!!! i love them and will never regret buying them i haven’t been made fun of or anything either because they are a off brand shoe but i’ve kinda made a trend and shown people a great deal than paying 60 dollars!!

Full article: http://www.ecouterre.com/did-skechers-bobs-just-rip-off-t...



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