29 Mar '13, 7pm

You CAN take it all with you: this skirt transforms into a tent!

Who says you can’t take it with you? “Portable Home,” a wearable-shelter concept by three Middlesex University students in London, is part wacky ensemble, part escape strategy. Franziska Lusser, Hanna Nielsen , and Luca Romanyi , who hail from Germany, Sweden, and Hungary, respectively, designed Portable Home as a response to their nomadic existence. “As all of us are foreigners, we feel like we are always on the go,” Romanyi tells Ecouterre. “We have access to only a small part of our belongings. A ‘portable home’ can be seen as substitute for the feeling of being home.”

Full article: http://www.ecouterre.com/need-space-portable-home-is-a-sk...


Skirt W Hotel Singapore #Food

Skirt W Hotel Singapore #Food

ladyironchef.com 26 Mar '13, 2am

Skirt at W Hotel Singapore has been winning raved reviews since opening a few months ago, so I had to check it out to find...