29 Jan '18, 8am

The GOOD Fest Celebrates Your Wellness Journey (and Its Imperfections)

The GOOD Fest Celebrates Your Wellness Journey (and Its Imperfections)

Being “real” is the new perfect. Social media is bursting with memes of lazy days with sweatpants and pizza, in celebration of “imperfections” and minor slips of willpower. We’re told it’s okay to be human, and yet, why do all these women gobbling gorgeous looking cupcakes look so damn perfect? Then there are the accounts that only highlight vibrant green juices, or elegant yoga poses, or perfectly-plated raw meals, and its like, do you ever just eat a brownie that isn’t date-sweetened, gluten-free and low glycemic? We all strive for wellness, but sometimes it can seem like a never-ending pursuit – always in sight but never quite there. In comes the GOOD Fest.

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