18 Oct '17, 7am

Is the USDA Organic Label Going Out of Style?

Is the USDA Organic Label Going Out of Style?

The USDA notes that organic certification can cost anywhere from “a few hundred to several thousand dollars,” but The Balance says that more often than not, the certification costs around $700 for farmers and $1,200 for processors, and that’s not counting the increased expense of actually running an organic farm for the three year transitional period, during which farmers must pay the price of organic feeds, composts, and weedkillers, but cannot charge organic prices. A transitional label, developed by the Organic Trade Association earlier this year to ease some of this financial burden, is currently stalled due to vacancies at the USDA, notably the lack of an administrator for USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service.

Full article: http://ecosalon.com/usda-organic-label-out/


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