23 Sep '17, 4pm

Protesting Kylie Jenner’s Use of Fur Doesn’t Help Animals https://t.co/KXL8rla9qP

Campaigns against fur, whether that’s at the PETA level or a small mobbing like this, don’t work because they promote the use of other animal products. When the focus is honed in on one use, it’s perceived as being a worse or more immoral use than the countless others. But using animals to make a jacket is no more frivolous or inconsiderate than using an animal for a snack; neither are necessary. So when a non-vegan hears of Kylie’s run in, they can take away that she’s wrong for wearing fur and they’re right because they don’t.

Full article: http://www.ecorazzi.com/2017/04/24/protesting-kylie-jenne...